I love that you included Ren here along with our interview—and I'll enjoy this opportunity to revisit our conversation.

For anyone who's curious to read some of what I've written on the subject of purpose, one place to start is

The False Grail → https://bowendwelle.substack.com/p/the-false-grail

— although Less Warrior, More Clown is a fun read as well → https://bowendwelle.substack.com/p/less-warrior-more-clown

...and of course my memoir-in-progress https://bowendwelle.substack.com/s/memoir as well as many other essays https://bowendwelle.substack.com/t/essays

Cheers Andy!

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Overlay the 2008 and 2012 rises with presidential campaigns explains a lot of the media incentives.

By 2012 the post-9/11 traumatized psyches suffering from financial crisis fallout were more broken and pliable to clickbait outrage.

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